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When your in need of an emergency window boarder, look no further than our team of window boarding specialists who work 24 hours a day 365 days a year so ensure your never left with a draft blowing through your home.Boarding and Glazing

Many criminals will break a window to gain access to a property and when this happens you may need the service of a local emergency boarding and glazing company.

Glass is one of the hardest substances used in construction, in fact it is so hard that it is brittle. Because of this a knock from a sharp object can cause a large window to shatter very easily.

Our team of broken window boarding specialists can come out to your home or business and board up your damaged window to ensure you are not left with a hole in your building or a draft in your bedroom.

You can call our team now and we will have someone at your premises today who will board up your damaged window and give you the measurements needed for the replacement window.

No matter what size window has been damaged from a large shop window to a small door window, we have large window boarding materials on our vans ready to board up your window or door today.

What happens on site

When attending site we asses health and safety first make sure there is no danger to ourselves and general public for example big loose pieces of glass that could be harmful we then make the work area safe.

We measure up the window that needs boarding or filming cut to size if it’s a filming job we cover the cracked windows with film making it secure. If it’s boarding we remove the pain of glass and replace it with board

Finally we sweep up make safe and make the site safe – job done.

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